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Cut the stomach

What the process of cutting the stomach? The side have symptoms?
In this surgery, the stomach deficiency from above to below, and remove a significant portion of them, and become a stomach remaining in the body the size of a finger, and a length of about 20 cm. The patient after this process if you eat a very small amount of feeling of fullness because the size of the stomach is small, but we removed all the region which opens the appetite, which is the area where the glands secrete the hormone ghrelin, the hormone that the nervous system dictates that unappetizing. If we smallness size of the stomach is no longer the patient is able to eat a large amount of food, and also no longer feel the appetite to eat and thus the patient is very Sinhv.
How kg Slims patient’s stomach in the process of cutting sleeve?
This process is very quick results, patient Slims in Week 2 kg.
What advice would you give to the patient, which is being prepared Cut process?
The patient to remain in contact with the doctor and tell him everything, how many kilos a week Slims,
It is very important for the patient to eat five or six small meals a day, and gives himself 10 minutes to eat quietly, and chewed well, and eat only the adequacy
Do you describe him vitamins and supplements after obesity operations?
Cut in the stomach compulsory process that half of his needle vitamin b12 intramuscularly every month, because this vitamin is made in the stomach and we Gosaina stomach Fmghebren to give him his need of it by needle into a muscle remains takes a lifetime
Graded patient in his diet after the operation and going through six phases beginning of sips of water on the first day after the operation, to return to a healthy diet after six weeks.
Diet stages after the operation:
First phase: Duration: 6-24 hours after the operation.
It is a small intake of water every 15-30 minutes.
Phase II: Duration: 3 days.
It is a transparent fluid intake without sugar.
Phase III: Duration: Week.
It is a complete fluids without sugar or fat.
Phase IV: Duration: two weeks.
It is a floured eating food, easy to swallow.
Phase V: Duration: two weeks.
Which it is about eating mushy and soft food easy to chew.
The sixth stage: Length: at least six months.
It is a normal eating, but within certain instructions and conditions, and will last a lifetime inflict a detailed list of food to help the descent of weight and maintain it after reaching the goal to enjoy good health.
The goal of the gradient diet after the operation?
– Allow the stomach to heal.
– To help you lose weight in a healthy way.
– Avoid shortage Alviminac and minerals.
– To limit the expansion of the stomach.
– To avoid the side effects and complications.
Note: The process of transition from one phase to another depending on the patient endurance,
Eating habits:
o Avoid relax and sleep after eating.
o eating 6-9 small balanced meals throughout the day.
o a lot of drinking water free of calories and drinks between meals and then drinking two liters of fluid per day about (8 cups) to avoid dehydration.
During the meal:
o Always Start in protein, and fruits and vegetables, and starches.
o Eat slowly, chew slowly, you should not swallow the food quickly so as not to cause pain in the stomach or vomiting nozzle.
o Listen to your body and stop eating once the feeling of satiety.
o at each meal should last for 30 minutes.
o Do not forget that the size of the stomach after the operation does not fit in only a very few amount of food, you will feel satiety after two tablespoons or three.
o food cut into very small parts before starting to eat the meal.
o stopped drinking liquids 15 minutes before a meal, drink after 30-45 minutes of the meal. Drink liquids during eating may cause nausea and vomiting.

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