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May 2019
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Natural hair transplant

From exposed to loss thick hair or baldness are subjected to conditions of psychological extremely bad poetry esthetic element indispensable when women and men has recently been much talk about solving that problem through artificial hair that turns out over time instill that too many problems and eventually lead to the return of the person to the doctor to remove this Hair which led to severe infections of the scalp, therefore people escaped from this method and we thought that it does not solve the problem of baldness. But we found that there is one on the way the world level for the treatment of baldness, a natural hair transplant, how this surgery is done and how effectively? This is what will answer for that, God willing, and when we can save hair falling often.

Beginning to say that the hair is very important organ in the human body especially women because her beauty title even if they are veiled They boast in front of her husband with her hair, and even if they miss they are happy in front of herself when her hair is thick and long and no one can deny that the hair is very important element in the beauty system when women as well as the man who became suffers from a lack of acceptance of the opposite sex that was bald.

There are several factors that lead to hair loss in women

1. (scar) is the result of atrophy of the skin as a result of certain skin diseases such as lupus and lichen or skin exposure to burns or injured, and here is a surgical intervention to treat scars place or taking pharmaceutical drugs to reduce the impact of skin disease

2. to be a natural skin and hair falling out, but unnatural way and there are several reasons for this:
* – Hereditary hair loss. It affects more men than women, but women also affects precipitation begins in the top of the head.
* – ((Telogen Effuvivm Here hair here passes through three stages during his lifetime, namely the growth phase and stage of comfort and stage falls and the ratio in the natural person to be growing 86% – Rest 1% – a fall of 13% in this case Telogen move Effuvivm follicles from the growth phase to the fall and rising the amount of hair falling may be reasons here, fleeting as it happens in the surgery is often the situation back within months or a year without treatment or the reasons for continuing as occurs in continuous precipitation due to anemia or thyroid disease or zinc deficiency and here hair loss will continue unless it addresses the reason that led to the this case.

He adds us experts in cosmetic surgery
Before the doors of treatments and ways before entering into a hair transplant we must know the cause of the problem. By conducting medical tests that put our hands full on the cause of the problem. There is also the hair loss and chronic This happens mostly in the age of 30:50 years and sees the same person precipitation is remarkable substantially, where up to 300 hairs a day and accurate diagnosis for proper this case is very important to determine the treatment program either pharmaceuticals or surgical

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