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Turkish-Arab Tourism Association

  About us:

Turkish-Arab Tourism Association (TATO) is one of the major active associations in the tourism sector in Turkey, Based at the city of Izmir since 2003.

 The association implements its activities in coordination with (TA Group) Turkish-Arab Business Group

Our Message:

TATO looks forward to develop an integrated cooperation tourism strategy between Turkey and Arab countries.

According to the growing challenges and developments in the global tourism environment & the growing role of the tourism sector in social and economic developments all around the world, also Turkey possesses all the necessary components of different kinds of tourism, (TATO) feels compelled to play an active role in promoting and organizing tourism cooperation between Turkey and Arab countries.

Our Goal:

TATO aimed to promote Arabic-Turkish tourism cooperation by gathering tourism companies & organizations from different Arab countries with their comparable in Turkey.

Bring medical centers, hospitals and best specialist doctors all together from Turkey and Arab countries.

Provide best services and activities to satisfy the Turk and Arab participants’ needs & desires.

Gather all types of tour (Health tourism, Religious tourism, Business tourism, Cultural tourism, Historical tourism, Sports tourism) at one place (TATO).


  • Provide best quality services and safety to our guests.

  • Provide qualified tour guide: Well trained, licensed, knowledgeable, responsible, enthusiastic and at least 5 year experienced tour guides are selected

  • Provide best prices: Reasonable prices and high quality travel services are provided

  • Provide fast response: All requests will be responded within 24 hours by our experienced travel consultants

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